Install Virtualbox 7 on Windows 11

Recently, Virtualbox 7 for Windows was released. When installing it, I noticed that the installer alerts of the absence of a Python library. Here I'll demonstrate how to install Python, the 'pywin32' module and finally Virtualbox 7.



  • Install Python 3
  • Install 'pywin32'
  • Install Virtualbox 7

Install Python 3

Start by installing Python 3. You can download Python HERE, on the official website. Open the 'EXE' file, select all options including 'add Python.exe to PATH', and follow instructions.


Install Win32API Module

Virtualbox 7 requires the Python 3 'pywin32' module. Once Python its installed correctly, install this module with the following command:

pip install pywin32


Install Virtualbox 7

Now after installing 'pywin32' module, download and install Virtualbox. After 'pywin32' it's installed, Virtualbox installer will not alert of 'pywin32' absence as before, and you may work with it without problems.